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Thank you for visiting this piping web site, where the aim is to provide the very best music of the Scottish bagpipes for entertainment and ceremonial occasions.
The ancient haunting sound of the highland bagpipes played by pipers in the Scottish traditional style, is amongst the few universally recognisable musical idioms the world over. Where ever Scots have travelled throughout the world, the bagpipes have generally been a hallmark of the music of the Scottish nation which has endeared itself to many other cultures around the world.  The bagpipes represent the deep resonance of the fiercely defended traditions of a nation that has a proud history and an abiding sense of ceremony and aesthetics.
The likelihood is that the bagpipes, in primitive form, were known to the natives of what is now known as Scotland more than 2000 years ago. Although it figures prominently at the English courts of Edward II and III, as well as Henry VIII, who established court pipers and collected all sorts of bagpipes. However, it’s real popularity grew in the rugged highlands. Ideally suited to the outdoors, it was the perfect instrument with which to record clan victories, histories and laments.
The Great Highland Bagpipe or “Piob Mhor” (as it is known in Gaelic) evolved with its valved blowstem, three drones and a reed chanter from the simplest form of bagpipe. Some are instruments of astonishing beauty with silver embellishments and carvings. Many pipers have been taught by their fathers and grandfathers and are able to trace the family tradition back to days when their ancestors piped the clans into battle.  “To the making of a piper go seven years of his own learning and seven generations before. At the end of his seven years, one born to it will stand at the start of knowledge and leaning a fond ear to the drone he may have parley with old folks of old affairs.” wrote the 19th century historian Neil Munro.
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