Scottish Bagpiper - PipingScot
Scottish Piper
Pipe Major David Alexander Richard Waterton-Anderson, KSG, KMM, OLJ 1944-
Personal Piper to the 15th Duke of Hamilton & 12th Duke of Brandon (1996-2010);
Official Piper to the Council of Scottish Armigerous Clans & Families (2010- );
Piper to the Baron of Myrton (2010-  ).
Sometime Pipe Major of Pontefract & District Pipe Band & The Ainsty Pipers.
Pipes & Drums of the 1st. Battalion Scots Guards.
Taught by: Willam M. MacDonald (The Muich);
Donald Iain (Willie) MacKenzie; Jeff Nixon; Jimmy Spurling.
William Munro MacDonald (The Muich) 1918-2002
Gold Medal winner Oban & Inverness 1955; 
Gold Clasp winner Inverness 1956.
Taught by: John MacDonald (of Inverness); John ‘Jochan’ MacPherson; Capt. W. H. MacDonald; Donald MacDonald; Charles MacEachern.
Donald Iain (Willie) MacKenzie 1924-1981
Piper & First Footman to The Marchioness
of Londonderry (1927-1939)
Gold Medal winner Argyllshire Gathering 1936.
Taught by: John MacDonald (of Inverness);
John MacKay (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders).
Jeff Nixon 1928 - 2008
RAF Regiment Pipe Band;
Pipe Major City of Leeds Pipe Band.
William MacDonald 
(Known as ‘Tulloch MacCarrick’)
Piper to MacPherson of Glentruim; 
Piper to The Prince of Wales 1865             Gold Medal winner Inverness 1869
Taught by: Donald Cameron; 
Duncan MacKay.
Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald 
1836-1893  Piper to the Earl of Fife
Gold Medal winner Inverness 1864
Taught by: Donald Cameron;
John ‘Jochan’ MacPherson 1863-1933
Piper to Cluny MacPherson 1880
Taught by:
Malcolm ‘Calum Piobaire’ MacPherson.
Donald MacDonald
Pipe Major 1st Btn HLI
Alexander (Sandy) Cameron 1821-1870
Piper to Lochiel of Achnacarry
Pipe Major Greenock Rifle Volunteers
Gold Medal winner: 1862
Taught by: Donald Cameron
Angus ‘Cam’ MacPherson (of Badenoch) 1800-1847
Piper to Cluny MacPherson (1854).
Taught by: James MacPherson;
John Bruce of Glenelg;
Iain Dubh MacCrimmon;
John MacKay of Raasay.
Archibald Munro (of Oban)
Piper to MacDonald of Glengarry
Taught by: John MacKay
(of Raasay)
John Bruce (of Glenelg)
Piper to Sir Walter Scott Bt.
Taught by: Donald Ruadh MacCrimmon;  (Neil MacLeod
of Gesto)
Peter Bruce
Taught by: Iain Dubh MacCrimmon;  (Neil MacLeod of Gesto)
Patrick Og MacCrimmon (of Boreraig)
1640-1735  Hereditary Piper to
MacLeod of Dunvegan
Iain Dall MacKay (of Gairloch) 1656-1754  Piper to MacKenzie of Gairloch
Taught by Patrick Og MacCrimmon; 
Ruairidh MacKay; Donald Mor Mackay
Malcolm MacCrimmon (of Boreraig)
1690-1769  Hereditary Piper to
MacLeod of Dunvegan
Taught by; Patrick Og MacCrimmon
Alexander Bruce (of Glenelg) Piper to Neil MacLeod of Gesto
Taught by: Donald Ruadh MacCrimmon.
Angus MacKay (of Raasay) 1813-1859
Piper to Queen Victoria
Gold Medal winner Inverness 1842
Taught by: JohnMacKay (of Raasay)
James MacPherson
(of Badenoch)  Piper to Cluny MacPherson during the ‘45
sister to John
Bruce of Glenelg
Donald Ruadh MacCrimmon (of Boreraig)
1740-1825 Last Principal of the Piping College at Boreraig. Piper to MacLeod of Dunvegan
Taught by; Malcolm MacCrimmon;
Charles MacArthur
Iain Dubh MacCrimmon (of Boreraig)
1731-1822  Hereditary Piper to
MacLeod of Dunvegan
Taught by; Malcolm MacCrimmon
Charles MacArthur
Piper to MacDonald of the Isles
Taught by Patrick Og MacCrimmon
Angus MacKay (of Gairloch) 1725-
Piper to MacKenzie of Gairloch
Taught by Iain Dall MacKay (of Gairloch)
John MacKay (of Raasay) 1767 - 1848
Taught by: Iain Dubh MacCrimmon; Angus MacKay (of Gairloch)
Donald Cameron 1810-1868
Piper to MacKenzie of Seaforth
Gold Medal winner: Northern Meeting 
1849, 1850 & 1859 
Taught by: John MacKay (of Raasay); Angus MacKay; John Ban MacKenzie; Donald Mor MacLennan of Moy

Ruairidh MacKay
Piper to MacKenzie of Gairloch
Capt. Neil MacLeod of Gesto 1736-1836
Published works on Pibroch
Taught Cannterachd by: Iain Dubh MacCrimmon; Alexander Bruce of Glenelg
John Ban MacKenzie 1796-1864
Piper to the Maquis of Breadalbane Gold Medal winner Inverness 1835
Taught by: JohnMacKay (of Raasay)